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User management

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-on (SSO) is a feature of Cloudron where users can use the same credentials (username & password) for logging in to apps.

SSO integration is optional and can be selected at the time of app installation. Turning off SSO can be beneficial when the app is meant to be used primarily by external users (for example, a community chat or a public forum).

Note that some apps do not support Cloudron SSO. Such apps manage their user credentials on their own and users have to be managed inside the app itself.

When SSO is available for an app, the user management options will look like below:

When Leave user management to the app is selected, the app's Cloudron SSO integration will be disabled and all user management has to be carried from within the app. This is useful when the app primarily caters to external users (like say a community chat).

When SSO integration is unavailable for an app, the user management options look like below:


New users can be invited to the Cloudron with their email address from the Users menu. They will receive an invite to sign up. Once signed up, they can access the apps they have been given access to.

To remove a user, simply remove them from the list. Note that the removed user cannot access any app anymore.

When Cloudron email is enabled, each user also get's a mailbox with their username.


Groups provide a convenient way to group users. It's purpose is two-fold:

  • You can assign one or more groups to apps to restrict who can access for an app.
  • When Cloudron Email is enabled, each group is a mailing list constituting of it's members.

You can create a group by using the Groups menu item.

To set the access restriction use the app's configure dialog.

When Cloudron Email is enabled, mails can be sent to groupname@<domain> to address all the group members.


A Cloudron administrator is a special right given to an existing Cloudron user allowing them to manage apps and users. To make another existing user an administator, click the edit (pencil) button corresponding to the user and check the Make this user a Cloudron admin checkbox.