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Surfer App

Surfer comes with a webinterface to manage and upload files, a command line tool as well as providing a WebDAV endpoint to manage files in your local file manager.

The web interface is available under the https://[appdomain]/_admin/ location.

CLI tool

Install the surfer cli tool using npm.

    npm -g install cloudron-surfer

Login using your Cloudron credentials:

    surfer login <this app's domain>

Put some files:

    surfer put [file]


WebDAV is a well supported extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that allows clients to perform remote Web content authoring operations. WebDAV shares can be mounted usually with your local file manager.

The URI schemes differ on the common platforms:

Platform URI
Windows https://[appdomain]/_webdav/
Mac https://[appdomain]/_webdav/
Gnome davs://[appdomain]/_webdav/
KDE webdavs://[appdomain]/_webdav/

On Linux the Davfs2 library can also be used to locally mount a share:

mount -t davfs https://[appdomain]/_webdav/ /mount/point

Using SFTP

The app can be uploaded using an SFTP client like FileZilla.

You can find the SFTP login details when clicking on the i icon in the app grid.