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SOGo App

Setting the timezone

Open a Web terminal for SOGo:

  • Edit /app/data/sogo.conf and set the SOGoTimeZone field to a value from

  • Restart SOGo

UI Issues

SOGo behaves differently depending on how you access the app. If you navigate to SOGo by clicking on the icon on your Cloudron dashboard, parts of the SOGo UI do not work.

This issue manifests itself as:

  • Email delete button not working
  • Compose email popup not closing. Sometimes, it ends up closing the tab itself.
  • The browser's web inspector console displays a DOMException with the message "Permission denied to access property \"$mailboxController\" on cross-origin object".

To workaround this, always use SOGo by opening a new browser tab and entering the SOGo domain name directly.