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Run the following commands on a fresh Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 (x64) server:

chmod +x cloudron-setup
./cloudron-setup --provider <azure|cloudscale|digitalocean|ec2|exoscale|hetzner|linode|ovh|rosehosting|scaleway|vultr|generic>

Minimum Requirements

Cloudron requires atleast 1GB RAM, 20GB Disk space. Make sure the firewall does not block port 80 (http) and 443 (https). Cloudron does not support running on ARM, LXC or OpenVZ.

Domain Setup

Once installation is complete, navigate to https://<IP> and accept the self-signed certificate.

Provide a domain like Cloudron's admin interface will then be available at the and apps can be installed into subdomains like, and so on. More domains can be added after installation is complete in the Domains view.

It is safe to use a domain name that is already in use, just make sure that the my subdomain is available. Cloudron will never overwrite existing DNS records.

Next, select the DNS service in which the domain in hosted:

When using one of the programmable backends, Cloudron will automatically make changes to DNS as and when required.

Common domain registrars

You can always purchase a domain from any of the common domain registrars like Namecheap,, Gandi and setup your domain's nameservers to use one of the above DNS services.

Administrator Setup

Once DNS is setup, Cloudron will redirect to The browser address bar will show a green lock to indicate that the connection to your Cloudron is now secure (It does this by automatically getting a certificate via Let's Encrypt).

Enter the adminstrator username, email and password for Cloudron.

The email address is used for password resets and for apps to send notifications. It is local to your Cloudron and not sent anywhere (including

Let's Encrypt requires a valid admin email

Cloudron sets up a Let's Encrypt account with the administrator's email. If this email address is not valid, Let's Encrypt will not issue certificates and Cloudron will fallback to using self-signed certs.

App Store Setup

You are now ready to start installing apps! When you click on the App Store link in the UI, you will be prompted to create a account. This account is used to manage your subscription & billing.

Firewall Setup

Security is a core feature of Cloudron and the default installation is already setup to follow best practices. We do not recommend adding and modifying rules in iptables since Cloudron already does this (all unneeded ports are blocked).

To further harden security, we recommend configuring the VPS Firewall (in your VPS provider control panel) by following the firewall docs.


If you have problems setting up Cloudron, please email us or ask in our forum.