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This section will provide some general overview where to find log output and how to check relevant service states.


Cloudron consists of a set of crucial service daemons, required for a functioning setup. If you encounter any issues, check the states of all services listed below and attempt to restart them if needed.

systemctl status <service>
systemctl restart <service>
Service Description Recovery Info
box Cloudron service process Read More
nginx Local reverse proxy
mysql Cloudron database engine Read More
docker Container engine
unbound Internal DNS service Read More
cloudron-syslog Daemon to collect logs

Cloudron also runs apps and addons inside docker container. Those can be seen with docker ps. Furthermore make sure to search within this documentation using the search field in the header. We are constantly adding more information here.

Premium Subscription

In case you have a Premium subscription and the Cloudron is still in some error state, run /home/yellowtent/box/scripts/cloudron-support --enable-ssh and send the resulting link to


Most logs are located individually for each component in /home/yellowtent/platformdata/logs/. They can be viewed directly via SSH in the terminal or through the logviewer inside the Cloudron dashboard. For apps it can be found here otherwise in the support, mail or system view.