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Roundcube App

Default Setup

Roundcube is pre-configured for use with Cloudron Email. As such, Roundcube has to be installed on a domain that has email enabled.

Users can login with their Cloudron username and password to access their mailbox. Aliases can be added as indentities under the settings.

Multiple domains

Cloudron does not support using the same roundcube installation for multiple domains.

Vacation Email

An out of office / vacation mail message can be setup using Sieve filters.

A vacation message can be set in Settings -> Filters -> Add filter -> Vacation message action.

Forwarding all emails

To forward all emails to an external mail, setup a Sieve filter in Settings -> Filters -> Add a filter -> Forward to


Plugins can be installed as follows:

  • Extract the plugin using the Web terminal into /app/data/plugins.

  • Change the ownership of the extracted plugin to www-data.

  • Add the plugin to $config['plugins'] in /app/data/customconfig.php.