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Etherpad App

Installing plugins

To install plugins or change the configuration, visit the admin interface at /admin. Only Cloudron admins will have access to this page.

A complete list of available plugins is available here.

Admin user

When using Cloudron SSO, admins on the Cloudron automatically become admins on etherpad.

When Cloudron SSO is disabled, an admin user can be created by adding users to settings.json. Use the Web terminal to edit /app/data/settings.json and add or edit the following section:

  "users": {
    "admin": {
      "password": "changeme1",
      "is_admin": true
    "user": {
      "password": "changeme1",
      "is_admin": false

Custom settings

Use a Web terminal and add any custom settings to /app/data/settings.json.

The app has to be restarted after editing /app/data/settings.json

Make Documents Public

By default the app will always require login with a valid user. To allow any visitor to create and edit documents, add the following to /app/data/settings.json:

  "requireAuthentication" : false,

Customizing CSS

The CSS and Javascript can be customized by editing the files at /app/data/custom/. See the etherpad docs for more information.

API Access

The Etherpad API can be accessed by obtaining the APIKEY. For this, open a Web terminal and view the contents of the file /app/data/APIKEY.txt.

Example usage:

curl https://etherpad.domain/api/1.2.7/listAllPads?apikey=c5513793f24a6fbba161e4497b26c734ff5b2701fad0f1211097ccb405ea65c7