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OpenVPN App

Desktop and Mobile Clients

The OpenVPN app has been tested with the following clients:

How to connect on Ubuntu 16.04

  • Install the Network Manager OpenVPN plugin
sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome
  • Download the .ovpn embedded certs config file from the OpenVPN app

  • Open Network Manager, VPN Settings -> Import from file...


The OpenVPN app provides a tunnel to channel all the traffic from your devices via the Cloudron. Websites and services that you visit will not see the IP address of your devices but they will see the IP address and possibly the RDNS hostname of your Cloudron.

You can check what sort of information can be gathered from your Cloudron's IP address using


If you are unable to connect to the OpenVPN server, make sure that your VPS firewall allows the OpenVPN port (by default, this is 7494/TCP). For example, you might have to add this incoming port as part of EC2 security group.