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Lychee App

User management

Lychee is a single user app.

While lychee has a UI to change the password, there is no UI to reset the password. If you forget the password, reset the password of the single user, use the Web terminal to delete the lychee_settings table. Lychee will regenerate it and ask you to enter a new username and password.

    mysql --user=${MYSQL_USERNAME} --password=${MYSQL_PASSWORD} --host=${MYSQL_HOST} ${MYSQL_DATABASE} -e "DROP TABLE lychee_settings"

Support image formats

Lychee supports the following formats:

  • png
  • gif
  • jpeg

Videos are not supported or planned).

Using an existing folder structure

Lychee has it's own folder-structure and database. You have to re-upload or re-import all your photos to use them.