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The Forum is the best place to ask support questions. The Forum makes reported issues SEO friendly and helps others (and you) find resolutions to existing problems.

Of course, you can always reach out by email.

Remote Support

To enable SSH access to your server for the Cloudron support team, use the Enable SSH support access button in the Support view.

SSH Keys

You can also add the following SSH keys manually. Depending on your setup, the keys below can be added to one of the following files: /root/.ssh/authorized_keys OR /home/ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDQVilclYAIu+ioDp/sgzzFz6YU0hPcRYY7ze/LiF/lC7uQqK062O54BFXTvQ3ehtFZCx3bNckjlT2e6gB8Qq07OM66De4/S/g+HJW4TReY2ppSPMVNag0TNGxDzVH8pPHOysAm33LqT2b6L/wEXwC6zWFXhOhHjcMqXvi8Ejaj20H1HVVcf/j8qs5Thkp9nAaFTgQTPu8pgwD8wDeYX1hc9d0PYGesTADvo6HF4hLEoEnefLw7PaStEbzk2fD3j7/g5r5HcgQQXBe74xYZ/1gWOX2pFNuRYOBSEIrNfJEjFJsqk3NR1+ZoMGK7j+AZBR4k0xbrmncQLcQzl6MMDzkp

Keep the key to a single line

SSH key must be added as a single line. Make sure it doesn't break across multiple lines.