Version: 1.13.0
Required memory: 1000MB
Last updated 14 Nov 2019

What's new

  • Update NodeBB to 1.13.0
  • [Full Changelog](
  • displaying one-click unsubscribe link in email footer (#8024) (df13992)
  • #7467, pass query params when redirecting to posts (480a64a)
  • use helpers.setupAdminPageRoute (b5a3000)
  • wip, better digest handling (+ eventual digest resend logic) (#7995) (645d647)
  • add (ac5c560)
  • #7957, allow post queue based on group (1cedc4a)
  • add filter:topics.unreadCutoff (e020b85)
  • Add filter:topic.delete and filter:topic.restore (#7946) (#7989) (989107d)
  • no more session cookie for guests (#7982) (cf7e0cf)
  • Implement WICG change-password-url (#7072) (#7990) (df1efe5)
  • log errors from mubsub (b01a47c)
  • upgrade to sitemap5 (#7980) (d679218)
  • #7964, change all categories at once (485fbd2)
  • closes #7952, translate widget-settings (990508a)
  • remove ability to delete events from acp (554e671)
  • resetting theme will reset skin (03827fa)


This app packages NodeBB Version 1.13.0


A community forum allows you to engage and retain customers, keeping them interested and up-to-date with your latest product or service.

NodeBB integrates into your existing website and social media networks, allowing you to maximize your outreach and establish close relationships with your users.


  • Mobile Responsive
  • Internationalization
  • SEO
  • Social Integration
  • Real-time streaming
  • Analytics

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