Cloudron for Open Source App Communities

Focus on your project, not on the tools

Open Source apps and their communities require various tools from code hosting, forums, demo instances and many more. Cloudron contains apps for each of those categories and in fact the Cloudron project itself is relying on those tools.

With Cloudron your team can stop spending time on keeping the tools up-to-date and secure, while staying in full control over your project and community data.

Apps for all Needs

Code Hosting








Website / Blog


Project Management


Email / Mailinglist


Issue Tracker


Get a free license for Your App Community

If you have an app that can be package for Cloudron, we are happy to give licenses for your community.
We will help you get started and may even be able to provide you with free infrastructure to run Cloudron on.

Thanks for applying! We will get back to you soon.