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Managed Hosting

End of Life

Our managed hosting offering is not accepting any new customers at this point in time. Instead we focus fully on Cloudron for your own infrastructure. Current customers of managed hosting are of course not affected by this.


Managed Cloudrons run on DigitalOcean. Backups are stored encrypted on AWS S3.

Managed Cloudrons run on a separate virtual servers for each customer. This has the performance benefit that one Cloudron is unaffected by use by other customers. It also adds a major security benefit (unlike shared web hosting) where your data does not accidentally leak to other customers.

By virtue of it's single tenancy, each customer has their own IP that is not shared with anyone else.

Custom domain

Managed Cloudrons are created on a subdomain of One or more custom domains can be setup using the domains view.


Our privacy policy is laid out here.

At a high level, Digital Ocean is our VPS provider and they are not in the business of inspecting/collecting user information. We provide Cloudron as a service and not in the business of inspecting/collecting user information. That said, since Digital Ocean owns the server and manages the server, both have access to the server and can inspect the contents of the server (for example, the databases, containers etc).

Unless there is a maintenence operation or an active alert (phishing/scam alert), we don't access our customers' servers. Please read our terms for our policy on what kind of content is allows on our managed servers.

We also don't store or track any information "inside" the Cloudron. For example, users/groups/domains/mailboxes etc are entirely local to the Cloudron server.


Managed Cloudron keeps encrypted backups on S3 for the last 7 days.

Upon cancellation, all data and backups of a managed Cloudron are deleted in 30 days.

Downloading backups

You can download all data and configuration whenever you want. Just drop us a note at and we will provide you a link to download your backups.