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Cloudron REST API

Integrating with Zapier

Cloudron REST API can be used as part of a Zapier or IFTTT workflow.

Note that the Zapier POST action automatically coerces all values to strings. This means that values like null automatically become the string "null".

To workaround this, use the Custom Request action instead of the POST action.

Here's an example that works on the Cloudron:

{ "location": "blog", "appStoreId": "org.wordpress.cloudronapp", "accessRestriction": null }
Optional fields without a value
Data Pass-Through?
Basic Auth

OAuth 2.0 Login Provider

Cloudron is an OAuth 2.0 provider. To integrate Cloudron login into an external application, create an OAuth application under API Access.

The dialog requires 3 parameters:

  • The Application Name is the name of the external application. Set this to something memorable.

  • Authorization Callback URL is the URL that the Cloudron will callback after authentication.

  • Once authenticated, Scope specifies the resources to which the application has access. The profile scope indicates that the app only gets access to the user's profile and nothing else.

You can use the following OAuth URLs to add Cloudron in the external app:

authorizationURL: https://my.<domain>/api/v1/oauth/dialog/authorize

tokenURL:         https://my.<domain>/api/v1/oauth/token

logoutURL:        https://my.<domain>/api/v1/session/logout?redirect=<callback url>

Read this blog post for a demonstration.