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The application's Dockerfile must specify the FROM base image to be cloudron/base:1.0.0.

The base image already contains most popular software packages including node, nginx, apache, ruby, PHP. Using the base image greatly reduces the size of app images.

The goal of the base image is simply to provide pre-downloaded software packages. The packages are not configured in any way and it's up to the application to configure them as they choose. For example, while apache is installed, there are no meaningful site configurations that the application can use.


The following packages are part of the base image. If you need another version, you will have to install it yourself.

  • Apache 2.4.18
  • Composer 1.2.0
  • Go 1.11.1 (install under /usr/local/go-<version>)
  • Gunicorn 19.4.5
  • Java 1.8
  • Maven 3.3.9
  • Mongo 2.6.10
  • MySQL Client 5.7.17
  • nginx 1.10.0
  • Node 8.12.0 (installed under /usr/local/node-<version>)
  • Perl 5.22.1
  • PHP 7.0.13
  • Postgresql client 9.5.4
  • Python 2.7.12
  • Redis 3.0.6
  • Ruby 2.3.1
  • sqlite3 3.11.0
  • Supervisor 3.2.0
  • uwsgi 2.0.12

Inspecting the baseimage

The base image can be inspected by installing Docker.

Once installed, pull down the base image locally using the following command:

    docker pull cloudron/base:1.0.0

To inspect the base image:

    docker run -ti cloudron/base:1.0.0 /bin/bash

The cloudron user

The base image contains a user named cloudron that apps can use to run their app.

It is good security practice to run apps as a non-previleged user.

Env vars

The following environment variables are set as part of the application runtime.


API_ORIGIN is set to the HTTP(S) origin of this Cloudron's API. For example,


APP_DOMAIN is set to the domain name of the application. For example,


APP_ORIGIN is set to the HTTP(S) origin on the application. This is origin which the user can use to reach the application. For example,


CLOUDRON is always set to '1'. This is useful to write Cloudron specific code.


WEBADMIN_ORIGIN is set to the HTTP(S) origin of the Cloudron's dashboard. For example,


The IP address of the Cloudron reverse proxy. Apps can trust the HTTP headers (like X-Forwarded-For) for requests originating from this IP address.


The base image comes pre-installed with various node.js versions.

They can be used by adding ENV PATH /usr/local/node-<version>/bin:$PATH.

See Packages for available versions.