Live Chat Customer Service

By Johannes on Wednesday, October 11th 2017

Providing a live chat on your business website is a great way to interact with users or potential customers. It offers low friction interaction right inside your own site, without the visitor having to leave the domain and losing context. At Cloudron, we use this every day to also offer support as well as getting in touch with users.

In this post, we will see how you can easily setup the live chat widget provided by the Rocket.Chat app on the Cloudron for your website.

For those unaware, Rocket.Chat is a self-hosted slack alternative. It allows ongoing conversations with users in the same window for your staff. No need to jump between chat apps for customer inquiries.

Get started in a few minutes

1. Install Rocket.Chat on your Cloudron, for example at Configure it through the Cloudron app configure dialog to allow embedding into your website. This will protect the live chat widget from being used in unwanted websites.

As an example, we have configured it for our landing page on

2. Head over to Rocket.Chat app's Administration view, select the Livechat section and enable it. After this, you will find a Livechat entry in the side bar.

You will also find options to customize the live chat widget appearance to match your look and feel there.

3. As the last step, copy the Javascript code snippet shown in the Livechat Installation view and paste it to the bottom of your website's html code as the last thing before the </body> tag. Wordpress users can use the Rocket.Chat LiveChat Wordpress plugin instead.

And voila, you will now see the live chat widget on the bottom right of your page!

I hope you find this as useful as we do. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, talk to us on our chat. In case you do not have a Cloudron to run Rocket.Chat, just follow the step in our installation page.